Over 40 Years of past development projects

Le Fevre and Company is well known for it's creative and clever Vancouver Island developments.

From resorts and condominiums on the wild West Coast near Tofino, to historic buildings in British Columbia's capital, Victoria to the award winning RailYards inner city residential development.

Winners of numerous awards, Le Fevre and Company re-constitutes century-old buildings into innovative living and working spaces and also creates new, modern, eye-catching, "green" buildings as the world adapts to the reality of the "global village".


The Biggerstaff Building

The Biggerstaff Building - 532 Herald Street

Award winning heritage restoration – Old town apartment rentals.

In the 1901 Richard Biggerstaff Wilson hired the noted architectural firm of Hooper and Watkins, to design the Biggerstaff Building, a warehouse and office complex at 532 Herald Street. On the west side of the building he emblazened a large sign: Wilson Bro's Wholesale Grocers. In 1989 Le Fevre and Co. bought the disused Wilson Bros. building from David Wilson and converted it into thirty-one, seismically upgraded, loft style suites, with commercial space on the ground floor, within the original, re-strengthened outer framework.

The Biggerstaff suites proved an instant success attracting renters to the building's proximity to downtown Victoria, the enormously high ceilings, the huge wooden pivot windows, the exposed brick walls, the natural wood floors and the incorporation of period materials such as massive re-cycled timbers from an old bowling alley in Esquimalt.

B. Wilson Building

B. Wilson Building - 536 Herald Street

Heritage restoration – Old town apartment rentals.

A contemporary rental apartment infill project located in the heart of Victoria's Old Town. 3 level cold storage warehouse converted into 24 units of rental housing with retail on main floor and a new commercial addition to the rear of building. Full seismic upgrade throughout.

The Leiser Building

The Leiser Building - 524 Yates Street

Le Fevre and Company purchased the Leiser Building at 524 Yates Street and reconfigured it into thirty-two living spaces with commercial space on the ground floor.

Built in 1896 by grocery wholesaler Simon Leiser, the building boasted the latest in technology. Two sets of tracks, complete with turntables, allowed freight to be loaded or unloaded in both directions to and from a large electrically powered freight elevator. It also featured: "a well ventilated, cement-floored basement, hot water heating and cigar and smoking rooms".

Now, with a spacious courtyard, the refurbished Leiser Building offers the latest in modern amenities to residents in the heart of downtown Victoria.

Morley Soda Building

Morley Soda Building - 1315-1317 Waddington Alley

When Christopher Morley built his Soda Water Factory in Waddington Alley in 1884 it was one of the earliest masonry buildings in the area.

From it, for the next twenty years, Morley ran a very profitable business, manufacturing soda water, lemonade, medical lake water, essences of peppermint and ginger and "all kinds of syrups."

In 2008 Le Fevre and Company purchased this historic edifice and added a third storey to create nine modern residential suites. As part of the renovation the builder created a wonderfully expansive green-space behind the Morley building amalgamating its inner courtyard with an already existing courtyard at the back of the adjoining Leiser Building which Le Fevre and Co. had reconstructed and renovated in 2007 and which backs onto the Morley Soda Water site. An oasis of greenery in the heart of downtown!

The Oriental Hotel

The Oriental Hotel - 550-552 Yates Street

One of Victoria’s most recognized buildings in Old Towne has been reborn.

Built in 1883 as a gentlemen’s hotel, it was fully renovated in 2010 for downtown living. 32 affordable studio style lofts with common area courtyard & rooftop terrace. Bicycle & storage vaults included in the heritage conversion.

The New England Hotel

The New England Hotel - 1312 Government Street

Heritage restoration – Old town apartment rentals.

A former gold rush hotel with upper floors unoccupied for over 30 years. Restored and seismically upgraded into 22 units of residential rental housing and commercial on the main floor