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New Developments

Ironworks – 515 Chatham
Old Town Victoria   |    Residential + Commercial

The history of Old Town is a story of tradition, hard work, values and respect. Once part of the hub of Victoria’s industrial and commercial scene, Ironworks is set to create modern living in this fascinating neighbourhood.

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The Powerhouse 2110 Store Street
Old Town Victoria   |     Commercial

Where the "energy" for our city was generated in a prior century.

A heritiage industrial revitalization of two iconic Old Town buildings, designed by two of Victoria's past architectural pioneers, John Teague and Francis Rattenbury.

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The RailYards
Vic West Victoria   |    Residential

This major site has been progressively developed from its previous use as one of Victoria's original industrial rail yards. Careful site remediation preceded this extraordinarily progressive and enterprising low density development.

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Desert Living
Joshua Tree California   |    Residential

At the divide of the mighty Colorado and Mojave Desert lies the landscape and mystical world of Joshua Tree. We will be building a limited collection of sanctuary homes on our newly acquired lands.

These homes will be thoughtfully designed to appeal to unique buyers who are drawn to the natural beauty and simplicity of life in the Desert.

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Mountain Living in Revelstoke
Revelstoke BC   |    Residential

With the highest vertical drop of any ski hill in Canada, this vibrant mountain town stands strong and vital, burgeoning with wonderful heritage potential.

Coming soon – The Garden Street homes.

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Village Homes in Dawson City
Dawson City Yukon   |    Residential

Simple housing within the great Northern community of Dawson City in the Yukon Territories.

Coming soon – Village Homes.

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Raincoast Commons
Ucluelet BC   |    Residential

Raincoast Commons is an exceptional little housing project in the vibrant village of Ucluelet.

Coming soon – Raincoast Commons Phase II.

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